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Business Insurance

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Important Advice for Business Owners

Always advise your insurance agent or account manager of any changes in your business operations to insure that the changes are properly insured.

Prepare an employee handbook detailing company rules, regulations and job descriptions and make sure everyone in your organization has a copy of it.

Compose a written plan of action for the continuation of your business in the event of a catastrophe such as a fire, severe storm, or even the death of an employee. If possible cross-train your employees to ensure that all necessary positions within the business will be covered in the event of an incident.

Ask your insurance agent if the insurance company that is providing your business insurance has any type of loss prevention services to aid you in preventing claims, thus helping to keep your insurance costs down.

Before hiring a new employee who will be driving a company car, secure their date of birth and drivers license number. Be sure to advise them that their motor vehicle record will be ordered to be sure they are an eligible driver with your commercial auto insurance company. Ask your insurance agent to order their driving record to prevent any problem before the employee is hired.

If your employees are using their personal automobiles for company business use on a regular basis, secure a copy of their cyrrent proof of insurance for their vehicle and request an updated copy at the expiration date on the auto insurance certificate.

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