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Aviation Claims Help

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Aviation Claims

Claims associated with aviation can be very severe in nature. We’ve compiled a list of general suggestions of what to do if you find yourself in a claim situation. Please note, if you are currently in an emergency situation please ensure that you are fully safe before proceeding.

General Advice

Due to the inherint dangers of flight and aviation there are a great deal of possible claims. We’ve decided to list some of the most damaging claims, but in any situation these steps can help:

  • Always make sure that the area you are in is safe, and that any individuals injured in the incident are taken care of before proceeding.
  • Whenever a claim occurs, make sure that you record all relevant information
  • Take pictures if necessary, and get eye witness accounts

Aviation Accidents

Aircraft accidents are extremely dangerous situations, if you have experienced a crash or a similar accident, first ensure that everyone involved is safe. Next, consider the following:

  • Take pictures of the incident
  • Contact property owner (if accident occurs off-property)
  • Notify the proper authorities and emergency crews
  • If McCredie insurance is your insurer, call: 810-767-6050
  • Take inventory of any items lost in the accident
  • Make sure all individuals involved in the incident are safe

Hangar-Related Claims

Hangar damage can range from minor to major. Whenever an incident occurs involving your hangar, first make sure that the structure is safe, stable, and secure. Next, consider some of the following advice:

  • If theft has occurred:
    • Ensure that the premise is secure
    • Take an inventory of stolen goods
    • Photograph any damages or losses
  • If a fire has occurred:
    • Make sure that all fire hazards have been removed or neutralized
    • Take pictures of damaged areas (if safe)
    • Create a list of destroyed and damaged assets
    • Do not operate affected aircraft
  • Water Damage:
    • Do not operate machinery which may be waterlogged
    • Clear hangar as soon as possible and allow time to dry